C'est Moi

 I have something to say.

I have something to say.



An episodic series about a woman who finds a creative way to gain male privilege. 


Ex-New Yorker recently arrived to LA after traveling cross country in a converted ambulance with her dog. I write and direct narrative works when not working as a copywriter. 



Sour Patch Kids, Martha Stewart, Barclaycard, Ritz Crackers, Miami Dolphins, Time Warner Cable, Royal Caribbean, Spotify, Allianz Global Investors, Lexus, GQ Magazine, Macy's, Hewlett Packard, Lowe's, John Deere, American Express, Duopa, Mavyret, Advil, Microsoft, Linked In, History Channel, Metlife


2015-2017: Publicis Health LionBrand Medicus, ACD Copy
2015: Salesforce, Freelance UX
2014: Vaynermedia, Senior Copywriter
2013: Maifold: Freelance ACD Copy
2011-2012: Director: The Earning Curve, a documentary about gender pay disparity
2007-2010: Various Freelance: Draft FCB, Sullivan NYC, JWT, GQ Creative Services


The Lounge, on Imaginasian TV (Head Writer and AD) , GAP (Art Department), Short Bus (Art), History Channel (Assistant Camera)

Appearances, Exhibitions, screenings, Readings, ETC:

The Today Show, Nonfiction Night Reading (BookCourt, NYC), Holiday Sale Extravaganza (Clay Space, NYC), Made for Service (Clay Space, NYC), Patrick Bower Background Video (NYC). Pen Cap for Sale (Two Boots Theater, NYC), Black Sabbath Video Collaboration (Monkeytown, NYC), Laumont Photographics Employee Show (NYC) 


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“Close the Gender Wage Gap: Ask for a 30% Raise.” Womensenews.org. 16 Aug. 2012. (as Kate Bryant).


“Halloween treats from 13 spooky brands.” Digiday.com. 30 Oct. 2014. (for Sour Patch Kids).
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“When Williamsburg Trees Wear Necklaces.” Gothamist.com. Web. 29 Apr. 2005. (as Cate Bryant).


2017 The SandboxNYC Directors Collective
2016 Clay Space Studio Member
2016 Sackett Street Writers Workshop x2
2015 Annoyance Theater: Improv AP1-3 2011 The FilmShop Member
2010 101 The Ad school: Ad Concepts
2009 United Citizens Brigade: Improv 101
2007 Mediabistro: Copy Writing
2001 Indiana Univeristy / IUPUI: BA Communications Studies, Film/Media Studies